RLPark Java Archive (JAR)

RLPark Java Archive is available at the following url:
The source code should be included in the jar. If not, it is a bug.

Plugins for Zephyr and Eclipse (Optional)

Note: you can run the demos of RLPark by downloading Zephyr standalone application and installing RLPark plugins.
  • Start Zephyr or Eclipse
  • In the menu, go to: Help -> Install New Software...
  • Copy/Paste the link: at the top ("Work with" field) and press Enter
  • Select the plugins you want (if you don't know what you want, select everything)
  • Follow Eclipse installation instructions
Once the application has restarted, you can check the installation has been done by going to: About-> Installation Details. A bunch of RLPark features should appear in the list.

Source Code (Optional)

The source code is available on github.